Law Enforcement

What a difference a decade makes. In 2006, 45% of Americans were worried a great deal about crime. By 2016, the number had jumped to 53%, the highest level since 9/11, which was the last time a majority of Americans had expressed that view. This increase in the level of fear buoyed Donald Trump to […]

Introduction In a world in which police understand themselves to be a bulwark against crime, having a good handle on crime data is critical. According to the best data available, crime has been steadily trending downward for the last few decades. There has been a national decline in crime, and the decline in New York […]

Introduction On September 7, 2016, four of the nation’s newspapers of record weighed in on the connected crises in crime and policing. The New York Times revealed the tensions between the Mayor’s office in Chicago and several community and professional groups over a plan to overhaul Chicago’s police disciplinary board—a plan developed in the wake […]