Administrative Procedure

After President Trump declared a national emergency and diverted funds to build a wall on the southern border, several litigants challenged his action as ultra vires, or beyond his constitutional and statutory authority. The litigants asserted abstract equitable rights of action, implied in federal courts’ equitable powers. The Supreme Court has left unclear, however, whether or not such an implied equitable action for statutory...

Introduction Policymakers and administrators periodically revise or jettison rules, enforcement priorities, and agency structures for a variety of reasons, from resource constraints to changes in administration. This is particularly the case when presidential administrations change, as evidenced, for example, by the transition from President Carter to President Reagan. As the current U.S. presidency undergoes one […]


Melissa Mortazavi*

Introduction Emerging technologies promise to expedite administrative rulemaking by analyzing public input through computerized natural lan­guage rather than clunky, old human brains. Moving far beyond software that keyword searches and deduplicates content, natural language pro­cessing (as a type of predictive coding) employs artificial intelligence that adapts and modulates depending on inputs, rendering it fluid and […]