The Review

March 2015, Vol. 115, No. 2

Pooling Powers

By:  Daphna Renan


By “pooling” legal and other resources allocated to different agencies, the executive creates joint structures capable of ends that no single agency could otherwise achieve. Pooling destabilizes core conceptions of administrative law. According to one influential account, for ...READ MORE

From Contract to Status: Collaboration and the Evolution of Novel Family Relationships

By:  Elizabeth S. Scott & Robert E. Scott


The past decade has witnessed dramatic changes in public attitudes about and legal status for same-sex couples who wish to marry. These changes demonstrate that the legal conception of the family is no longer ...READ MORE

The Freedom of Business Association

By:  James D. Nelson


Across the First Amendment, the distinction between for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations is in trouble. In recent years, courts have rejected this distinction in the context of free-speech challenges to campaign-finance restrictions and free-exercise claims to obtain ...READ MORE


The Spirit of Blasius: Sandridge as an Antidote to the Poison Put

By:  Stephen Byeff


The poison put is a contractual innovation that grants debtholders an option to redeem their debt upon the occurrence of a predefined trigger. While certain poison puts can be justified in light of Delaware corporate law’s deference to ...READ MORE

Till Death Do Us Part: Prepublication Review in the Intelligence Community

By:  Kevin Casey


As a condition of access to classified information, most employees of the U.S. intelligence community are required to sign nondisclosure agreements that mandate lifetime prepublication review. In essence, these agreements require employees to submit any works that discuss ...READ MORE


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