Announcements 2022-2023


Please join the Columbia Law Review in congratulating the following student authors on their Notes selected for publication in the Review:

Nkechi Erondu, “Doubling Down on Due Process: The Case for an Unlimited Right to Legal Counsel in Jail Disciplinary Proceedings”

Liam Fine, “Watt About It: Climate Resilience in the Electric Utility Sector—How State Regulators Can Apply Tort’s Foreseeability Principle to Compel Climate Resilience” (via the Columbia Law Review Publishable Notes Program)

Abigail Flanigan, “Rent Regulations After Cedar Point”

Jacob Freund, “Regulators Take Note: Investor Protection and Systemic Risk Concerns Amid a Structured Notes Renaissance”

Matthew Gibson, “Exceptional Efficiencies: A Valuable Defense for Healthcare Mergers”

Mariah Haley, “Unequal Treatment: (In)compassionate Release from Federal Prison in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Vaccine”

Tanner Larkin, “China’s Normfare and the Threat to Human Rights”

Eileen Li, “Merger Review 2.0: Infusing CFIUS’s ‘Critical Technologies’ Approach into Antitrust Oversight of Nascent Tech Acquisitions” (via the Columbia Law Review Publishable Notes Program)

Andrew Nassar, “Modern Public Disclosure: Reading ‘News Media’ in the False Claims Act”

David Rubinstein, “Judicial Assistance as It Was Meant to Be: Reconciling the Contemporary Practice of Section 1782 with its History” (via the Columbia Law Review Publishable Notes Program)

Tolulope Sogade, “Body-Worn Camera Footage Retention and Release: Developing an Intermediate Framework for Public Access in a New Affirmative Disclosure Driven Transparency Movement”

Deborah Sparks, “‘Let Sleeping Legal Dogs Lie’: Decoding the Supreme Court’s Treatment of Circuit Court Consensus About Federal Statutory Meaning”


Jeffrey D. Rivas

Deborah Sparks
Executive Managing Editor

Nkechi N. Erondu
Executive Notes Editor

Isabel Alexiades
Executive Articles Editor

Nicolas N. Rodriguez
Executive Essays Editor

Tolulope Sogade
Executive Forum Editor

Jacob Walter Ciafone
Ashley Fleck
Matthew G. Gibson
Fatima Hasanain
Ali Jimenez
Managing Editors

Phinneas Bauer
Harish Sai Bhaskar
Eileen Li
David Rubinstein
Notes Editors

Likhitha Butchireddygari
Jerry Du
Valeria Flores-Morales
Andrew J. Nassar
Jacob Rosenberg
Ridglea K. Willard
Articles Editors

Sinclair L. Cook
Abigail Flanigan
Angelle G. Henderson
Essays Editors

Savannah R. Lambert
Christabel L. Narh
Taleah Tyrell
Forum Editors

Alexandria V. Vasques
Symposium & Book Review Editor

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