A subscription to the Columbia Law Review runs from January through December.  New subscriptions are accepted throughout the year for this period.  All subscriptions begin with the January issue.  (You may not, for example, begin and end a subscription with the October issue.)  New subscriptions received mid-year will be sent back issues to fill the order.  Subscription Agencies, please inform your clients of the months of publication to avoid unnecessary claims.

The volume number corresponds with the calendar year and the issue number (1-8) reflects the month of publication. For example, Volume 121, Number 6 represents the 2021 October issue.

Subscription Period:  Eight issues per calendar year:
                                                            Issue No. 1 – January
                                                            Issue No. 2 – March
                                                            Issue No. 3 – April
                                                            Issue No. 4 – May
                                                            Issue No. 5 – June
                                                            Issue No. 6 – October
                                                            Issue No. 7 – November
                                                            Issue No. 8 – December

PLEASE NOTE: issues are not published in the months of February, July, August or September.

Yearly Subscription Cost:  Payment must be made in US dollars.  Please remit with order.  Prices include postage and handling.  Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. Note that prepayment is required on all orders.

Current publication year:
Current publication year:
Back Issues:
Back Issues:

Claims:  Honored within 90 days of publication.  If you have not received a recently published issue, please contact us at

Cancellations:  Preferably at end of calendar year, but accepted throughout the year.  You MUST notify us of cancellation.  We will bill you for any subscription that you do not cancel.

Renewals:  Invoices for renewal are automatically sent in the fall for the following year.

Agency Discounts:  The Columbia Law Review does not provide agency discounts.

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