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Single issues of the Review are available for purchase through the Columbia Law Review business office. Please note we are unable to provide individual reprints of articles.


The cost of a single issue is:

$15.00 for domestic mail delivery
$20.00 for foreign mail delivery
Please note: the cost of special/symposium issues may vary.

The Columbia Law Review business office stocks the 3 most recent volume years of the journal. Presently available are: Volume 108 (currently in production) as well as Volumes 107 through 106.


Back Sets
Back sets of the Columbia Law Review are also available.


The cost of a back-set is:

$60.00 for domestic mail delivery
$80.00 for foreign mail delivery

Issues Published before 2006 (before Volume 106)
Requests for single issues or back sets published before 2006, or for complete back sets (1901 through the present) should be sent to our back issues agent:

William S. Hein & Co., Inc.
1285 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14209
(716) 882-2600
(800) 828-7571

Please make checks payable to Hein.


Please note that pre-payment is required on all orders. 
Prices include postage and handling. Checks should be 
made payable to the "Columbia Law Review."* 

Sorry, we are not able to accept credit card payments. 

Please send me a single issue/back-set (circle) of the 
Columbia Law Review. 

My check for $____________ is enclosed. 

Volume and issue number(s) requested: ______________ 


Please make check payable to: 

Columbia Law Review 
435 W. 116th Street 
New York, NY 10027 
(212) 854-4398

*For orders of issues published before 2006 please contact Hein, our back issues agent, using the contact information given above.