Transfer Application Process

Transfer students with an interest in the Columbia Law Review may apply in one of two ways: through an annual week-long transfer application period in July (details below), or the Publishable Notes Program during the academic year.
Columbia Law Review Transfer Application
The transfer application for the Columbia Law Review consists of two primary elements—the writing component and the personal statement—about which more information may be found on the Review’s Membership Selection page.
The application period will be held from July 9 (12:00pm EST) until July 17 (12:00pm EST). Offers to accepted transfer students will be given by phone no later than Thursday, July 23. Successful applicants who accept must attend Staffer Orientation on Monday July 27. Transfer applicants should participate even prior to the submission of an application for Columbia Law School admission and prior to receiving any admissions decision.
To apply, please follow the details below:

1. Email the Columbia Law Review Business Office prior to July 15 with your name, law school, graduation year, and telephone number. You will then receive an anonymous registration number during regular business hours your registration day or the following day.
2. On July 9 at 12pm EST (or at a reasonable time if registration occurred after July 9), you will receive the transfer application packet.
3. Complete the transfer application by following the submissions instructions in the transfer application packet. Those instructions include only using your acquired registration number, and not your name, on all documents
4. Email your completed applications to the Business Office prior to July 17 at 12pm EST.

Any questions about the transfer application process should be directed to Rebecca Yergin at