Columbia Law Review Notes Selected for Publication

Please join the Columbia Law Review in congratulating the following student authors on their selection for publication in Volume 114 of the Review:
Alyssa M. Barnard, The Second Chance They Deserve: Vacating Convictions of Sex Trafficking Victims
Shreya A. Fadia, Adopting “Biology Plus” in Federal Indian Law: Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl’s Refashioning of ICWA’s Framework
Dennis Fan, No IDEA What the Future Holds: The Retrospective Evidence Dilemma
Derek Fischer, Dodd-Frank’s Failure to Effectively Address CFTC Oversight of Self-Regulatory Rulemaking
Jeremy R. Girton, Public Choice and the Rise of the Attorney General Veto
Eric J. Konopka, Hey, That’s Cheating! The Misuse of the Irreparable Injury Rule as a Shortcut to Preclude Unjust Enrichment Claims
Brittany Lamb, The Federal Government’s Hand-Me-Downs: The Possibility of Protecting Fashion at the State Level
M. Gatsby Miller, Squaring the Shrinking Circle: Determining the Extent of Tribal Adjudicatory and Regulatory Jurisdiction over Nonmembers