Beyond Protection

  By: Philip Hamburger


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The Illegality of Vertical Patrols

  By: Adam Carlis


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A Practical Solution to the Reference Class Problem

  By: Edward K. Cheng


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The Correspondence of Contract

  Jody S. Kraus


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Rethinking Free Speech and Civil Liability

  By: Daniel J. Solove & Neil M. Richards


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Rethinking Fannie and Freddie’s New lnsolvency Regime

  By: Carol J. Perry


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Custom, Noncustomary Practice, and Negligence

  By: Kenneth S. Abraham


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In Memoriam—Louis Lowenstein

  By: Harvey J. Goldschmid; Kenneth P. Kopelman; Arthur W. Murphy; William Savitt; David M. Schizer


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Guns as Smut: Defending the Home-Bound Second Amendment

  By: Darrell A.H. Miller


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Climate Change and U.S. Interests

  By: Jody Freeman & Andrew Guzman


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A Convenient Constitution? Extraterritoriality After Boumediene

  By: Christina Duffy Burnett


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