The Promise and Peril of Corporate Governance Indices

  By: Sanjai Bhagat, Brian Bolton & Roberta Romano


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Textualism and Jurisdiction

  By: Peter J. Smith


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Immigration Outside the Law

  By: Hiroshi Motomura


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Stumble, Predict, Nudge: How Behavior Economics Informs Law and Policy

  By: On Amir & Orly Lobel


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Market Damages, Efficient Contracting, and the Economic Waste Fallacy

  By: Alan Schwartz & Robert E. Scott


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Human Welfare, Not Human Rights

  By: Eric A. Posner


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Hedonic Adaptation and the Settlement of Civil Lawsuits

  By: John Bronsteen, Christopher Buccafusco & Jonathan S. Masur


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False Consensus Bias in Contract Interpretation

  By: Lawrence Solan, Terri Rosenblatt & Daniel Osherson


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