A Little Letter, a Big Difference: An Empirical Inquiry into Possible Misuse of Schedule 13G/13D Filings

By:  Kristin Giglia


Much attention has recently been given to the current Securities and Exchange Commission reporting requirements for Schedule 13D, the beneficial ownership form many investors must file to report their equity holdings. However, relatively less focus has been given ...READ MORE

Fair Responses to Unfair Labor Practices: Enforcing Federal Labor Law Through Nontraditional Forms of Labor Action

By:  Joseph R. Landry


American labor law classifies strikes according to both purpose and form. In terms of purpose, a strike over terms and conditions of employment is an economic strike while one over an employer’s violations of federal labor law ...READ MORE

Batson in Transition: Prohibiting Peremptory Challenges on the Basis of Gender Identity or Expression

By: Julia C. Maddera


While peremptory challenges upon the basis of race, ethnicity, and gender have been held unconstitutional, and peremptory strikes upon the basis of sexual orientation have been regarded as increasingly suspect after United States v. Windsor, attorneys remain ...READ MORE