Stare Decisis in the Office of Legal Counsel


Supremacy Clause Textualism

  By: Henry Paul Monaghan


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A Theory of Direct Democracy and the Single Subject Rule

  By: Robert D. Cooter & Michael D. Gilbert


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Beyond Protection

  By: Philip Hamburger


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The Correspondence of Contract

  Jody S. Kraus


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Rethinking Free Speech and Civil Liability

  By: Daniel J. Solove & Neil M. Richards


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Guns as Smut: Defending the Home-Bound Second Amendment

  By: Darrell A.H. Miller


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A Convenient Constitution? Extraterritoriality After Boumediene

  By: Christina Duffy Burnett


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Contracting for Innovation: Vertical Disintegration and Interfirm Collaboration

  By: Ronald J. Gilson, Charles F. Sabel & Robert E. Scott


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Civil Liability and Mandatory Disclosure

  By: Merritt B. Fox


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The Federal Common Law of Nations

  By: Anthony J. Bellia Jr. & Bradford R. Clark


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