Bluebook Invitational Press Release

The sky was cloudy and the wind was fierce at times, but the elements were no match for the red-hot CLR flag-football team. Neither, for that matter, were the teams from Harvard, Yale, and Penn. For the seventh straight year, the four journals met to decide which would leave New Haven with the coveted Bluebook trophy. The first five years belonged to Yale, and Penn had captured the title last spring. For six years Columbia had watched, and waited.


In 2012, a renaissance of sorts began in CLR football. After years of losing all or nearly all of their games during the round robin tournament (in which each school plays each other, for a total of three games), Columbia broke through and won two games on its home soil. Defeat at the hands of Penn in the final game of the afternoon was heart breaking, but the team’s progress was obvious. This year, expectations were high despite the loss of several key players from last year’s team.


Any fears of regression were unfounded, however, as Columbia was never seriously challenged during victory in its first game against Yale. A strong running game, stingy defense, and solid game management all came together in a 35-14 win. Those themes carried over into the second game against Harvard, though a touchdown by Harvard late in the first half made Columbia sweat a little at halftime. Ultimately, Columbia prevailed 35-14 again, and found itself in the same position as last year: one win away from the championship, facing the formidable Penn team.


This time, Columbia was not to be denied. A masterful performance by the defense kept the slippery Penn quarterback in check, while the offense created several big plays en route to their best scoring game of the day. When the dust settled, Columbia had triumphed 42-21 (with a questionable last-second touchdown by Penn the only thing making it even that close) and had claimed the trophy. Stars of the day were too numerous to recount individually—suffice it to say that both the second year and third year classes were well represented, and that the team looks to be in excellent position to repeat next year.