Archive: June 2013

Announcing Columbia Law Review Notes Selected for Publication

Please join us in congratulating the following students on their upcoming publication in Volume 114 of the Columbia Law Review:


Arjun Jaikumar, Red Flags in Federal Quarantine: The Questionable Constitutionality of Federal Quarantine After NFIB v. Sebelius

Kiira J. Johal, Putting Judges Behind ...READ MORE

Conventions of Agency Independence

By:  Adrian Vermeule


It is often said that the legal touchstone of agency independence is whether agency heads are removable at will or only for cause. Yet this condition is neither necessary nor sufficient for operational independence. Many important agencies ...READ MORE

Trial by Preview

By:  Bert I. Huang


It has been an obsession of modern civil procedure to design ways to reveal more before trial about what will happen during trial. Litigants today, as a matter of course, are made to preview the evidence they ...READ MORE


Defining “Found In”: Constructive Discovery and the Crime of Illegal Reentry

By:  Jason D. Anton


Over the past decade, the crime of illegal reentry has risen to prominence. It is not only the most common federal immigration charge, but also the most prosecuted federal crime. The cost of enforcing illegal reentry ...READ MORE

Casual or Coercive? Retention of Identification in Police-Citizen Encounters

By:  Aidan Taft Grano


In Bostick and Drayton, the Supreme Court announced that per se rules were inappropriate in answering the Fourth Amendment seizure question, “Would a reasonable citizen feel free to leave?” But when, if ever, can one factor in ...READ MORE