Archive: July 2012

Transaction Simplicity

By: Stephen J. Lubben


David Skeel and Thomas Jackson come at the important question of derivatives in bankruptcy by wondering why the Bankruptcy Code was largely left out of the Dodd-Frank Act.1 On one level, it is an odd question: Recent experience notwithstanding, the vast ...READ MORE

Dialogue, Deferred and Differentiated


By: Emily Hammond Meazell




When agency actions are challenged in court multiple times in an iterative fashion, the resulting dialogue offers insights into the features of the court/agency relationship that are not necessarily apparent in other contexts. In Deference and Dialogue in Administrative Law,1 I examine a ...READ MORE

The Impact of Public Disclosure on Equity Dispositions by Corporate Managers


By: David I. Walker




Year after year, the senior managers of public companies in the U.S. receive a large chunk of their compensation in the form of company equity—stock and options—and year after year, managers exercise options and sell shares. Between ...READ MORE


Houston, We Have a Problem: Does the Second Amendment Create a Property Right to a Specific Firearm?


By John L. Schwab & Thomas G. Sprankling




Ever since the Supreme Court’s 2008 decision in District of Columbia v. Heller,1 lower federal courts have endeavored to answer outstanding questions about the contours of the Second Amendment right. One issue that has received scant attention, ...READ MORE