Archive: 2009

Climate Change and U.S. Interests

  By: Jody Freeman & Andrew Guzman


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Law, Statistics, and the Reference Class Problem

By Edward K. Cheng

Preview of: Edward K. Cheng, A Practical Solution to the Reference Class Problem, 109 Colum. L. Rev. (forthcoming Dec. 2009).



A Closer Look at the Federalization Snowball

By Abigail R. Moncrieff

Companion to: Abigail R. Moncrieff, Federalization Snowballs: The Need for National Action in Medical Malpractice Reform, 109 Colum. L. Rev. 844 (2009).


Should Juries Be the Guide for Adventures Through Apprendi-Land?

By Douglas A. Berman

Response to: W. David Ball, Heinous, Atrocious, and Cruel: Apprendi, Indeterminate Sentencing, and the Meaning of Punishment, 109 Colum. L. Rev. 893 (2009).


Tax Enforcement for Gamers: High Penalties or Strict Disclosure Rules?

By Lawrence Zelenak

Response to: Alex Raskolnikov, Revealing Choices: Using Taxpayer Choice to Target Tax Enforcement, 109 Colum. L. Rev. 689 (2009).



Methodological Advances and Empirical Legal Scholarship: A Note on Cox and Miles’s Voting Rights Act Study

By Nancy C. Staudt & Tyler J. VanderWeele

Response to: Adam B. Cox & Thomas J. Miles, Judging the Voting Rights Act, 108 Colum. L. Rev. 1 (2008).



Historical Practice and the Contemporary Debate Over Customary International Law

By Ernest A. Young

Response to: Anthony J. Bellia, Jr. & Bradford R. Clark, The Federal Common Law of Nations, 109 Colum. L. Rev. 1 (2009).


Describing the Effect of Adaptation on Settlement

By John Bronsteen, Christopher Buccafusco & Jonathan Masur

Response to: Peter H. Huang, Emotional Adaptation and Lawsuit Settlements, 108 Colum. L. Rev. Sidebar 50 (2008); Rick Swedloff, Accounting for Happiness in Civil Settlements, 108 Colum. L. Rev. Sidebar 39 (2008).



Contracting for Innovation: Vertical Disintegration and Interfirm Collaboration

  By: Ronald J. Gilson, Charles F. Sabel & Robert E. Scott


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